Listed Buildings

Listed Building Addresses

The following buildings and structures in the Borough are statutory listed buildings. Listed building consent and usually planning permission will be required to undertake any alterations to the building (internal and external) that affect the character of the building or its setting. It is always advisable to check with the planning department before undertaking any works to a listed building. For further information please download our Listed Buildings Descriptions these properties.

Leigh (Including Eastwood) Address Grade Date Listed
Broadway West Church of St Clement  II  23.11.51
  Leigh Library   II  23.08.74
Eastwoodbury Lane, Eastwwod  Church of St Laurence and All Saints  I  23.11.51
High Street The Crooked Billet Public House   II  26.05.75
  Nos 62 & 63  II  08.01.87
Leigh Hill 28  II  02.06.89
  42, Old Bank House  II  01.01.73
  85, Prospect House  II  23.08.74
  No 87 (Ivy Cottage)  II  24.01.79
Lime Avenue Church of St Margaret of Antioch  II  24.10.96
Rayleigh Road, Eastwood Bell House PH  II  23.11.51
Shoeburyness Address Grade Date Listed
Bourmes Green Chase White House  II  23.08.74
     II  23.08.74
Church Road Church of St Andrew  II*  23.11.51
  South Shoebury Hall Farmhouse   II  23.08.74
  Garden Room to South Shoebury Hall Farmhouse  II  23.08.74
Frobisher Way Barn at North Shoebury Hall Farm Parsons Barn  II   22.04.77
North Shoebury Road Church of St Mary the Virgin   II  23.11.51
  New Farm Farmhouse  II  23.08.74
  Moat House  II  10.12.73
Parson's Corner North Shoebury Post Office and Cottage Adj (The Angel PH)  II  23.08.74
Poynters Lane North Shoebury House  II  23.11.51
Sutton's Road Manor House  II*  
Wakering Road The Red House   II  23.11.51
Whitehouse Road Cockethurst Farmhouse (Eastwoodbury Lane)   II  23.11.51
Southend Address Grade Date Listed
Clifftown Parade Statue of Queen Victoria  II    23.08.74 
  Shelter opposite Devereux Road  II  07.06.12
  Shelter opposite 25 Clifftown Parade   II  07.06.12
  Shelter opposite Wilson Road  II  07.06.12
  War Memorial   II*  23.08.74
  Nos 1 to 11 (Consec) 11a & 12 (Argyle Hotel)   II  23.08.74
Clifftown Terrace  Nos 1-6 (IConsec)(Includes Broadwater House, Devereux Road)  II  23.08.74
  Telephone Kiosk  II  08.12.88
East Street 30  II  23.11.51
  60  II  23.08.74
Eastern Esplanade  40-43  II  23.08.74
  44 and 45  II  23.08.74
Foxhall Lane (Eastern Avenue) Fox Hall Farmhouse  II  23.09.74 
High Street and 1 & 2 Royal Terrace Royal Hotel  II  23.11.51
High Street 130  II  07.06.12

Marine Parade

Nos 1 to 3 (Consec)  II   23.08.74
  4  II  23.08.74
Nelson Street Nos 1 to 15 (Odd)  II  23.08.74
  Congregational Church and Memorial Hall  II  18.01.08
Priory Park Prittlewell Priory   I*  23.11.51
  Old Crowstone   II  23.08.74
Royal Terrace Nos 3 to 15 (consec) & Royal Hotel   II 23.11.51 
Southchurch Avenue The Kursaal   II  08.04.94
Southchuirch Boulevard Church of the Holy Trinity  II*   23.11.51
  Southchurch Rectory  II  03.01.80
Southchurch Hall Close  Southchurch Hall  I  23.11.51
Southchurch Road Porters (Civic House)   I  23.11.51
Sutton Road War Memorial Sutton Road Cemetery  II  30.03.17
Victoria Avenue Church of St Mary  I  23.11.51
   The (former) Public Library (Central Museum)  II  19.03.74
  No 255  II  23.08.74
  Nos 269 to 275 (Odd)  II  23.11.51
Wakering Road  Lawn Cottage  II  23.08.74 
  Southchurch Lawn ( Eton House School)     23.08.74
Western Esplanade The Pier  II  19.12.73


Address   Grade Date Listed 
Anerley Road No 51 (Marteg House)                 II  05.02.91 

Chalkwell Park

Chalkwell Hall  II  23.08.74
Clatterfield Gardens  No 62  II  11.10.95
  The White Hall  II  01.12.94 
Hamlet Court Road Havens  II  01.08.16
Park Road Methodist Church and Adjoining Hall  II  19.10.84
London Road  Palace Theatre  II  23.08.74
  Westcliff Library  II  24.04.98
Milton Road Church of Our Lady Help of Christians and St Helen  II  15.10.14
St John's Road  Church of St Alban and the Martyr  II  24.10.96
Shoebury Garrison Address Grade Date Listed
Beach Road East Powder Magazine Shoebury Garrison  II 28.04.86 
  West Powder Magazine Shoebury Garrison  II 28.04.86
Chapel Road A and B Barracks Horseshoe Barracks  II 06.03.84
  C and D Barracks  Horseshoe Barracks  II 06.03.84
  E and F Barracks Horseshoe Barracks  II 06.03.84
  G and H Barracks Horseshoe Barracks  II 06.03.84
  J and K Barracks Horseshoe Barracks  II 06.03.84
  L and M Barracks Horseshoe Barracks  II 06.03.84
  N and O Barracks Horseshoe Barracks   II 06.03.84 
  Pand Q Barracks Horseshoe Barracks  II 06.03.84 
  Cookhouse to rear of block CD  II 08.07.98 
  Cookhouse to rear of block EF  II 08.07.98 
  Cookhouse to rear of block LM  II 08.07.98 
  Garrison Church of St Peter and St Paul   II 28.04.86 
  Gateway, Offices and Guard House, with Walled Exercise Yard Horseshoe Barracks   II 23.08.74
  Long Course Officers Quarters and attached railings, Horseshoe Barracks  II 28.04.86
  Gunnery Drill Shed  II 28.04.86
Hospital Road Blocks E-H   II  28.04.86
  Blocks K-M  II 28.04.86
  Hospital, attached Blocks I-J and attached front walls  II 28.04.86
Mess Road Commandants House  II



  Officers Mess  II 11.02.87 
  A and B  II 28.04.86
  C,D and E   II 28.04.86
  F and G  II 28.04.86
Warrior Square Numbers 1-4 (Consec)  II 28.04.86
  No 5 (Clerk of Works House)   08.07.98
  Carriage/Wagon Shed  II 28.04.86
Old Ranges (Foreshore)  Former Heavy Quick Firing Battery Proof and Experimental Establishment   II 28.04.86 
  Former Light Quick Firing Battery Proof and Experimental Establishment  II 28.04.86 

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