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Self Build and Custom Build Register

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is committed to supporting both affordable and market housing and is working to make it easier for more people to build their own home and make custom build a mainstream option for future home owners. 

The Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 places a duty on local authorities to create a register of people who have expressed an interest in self build and custom build projects.

You can express your interest in self-build by signing up to the Southend-on-Sea Borough Council self and custom build register using our online form.

Building your own home - What is Self Build & Custom Build?

Until recently building your own home was known as 'self build'. In 2011, the term 'custom build housing' was introduced in the Government's Housing Strategy for England.

Self-build projects are defined as those where someone directly organises the design and construction of their own home. This covers a wide range of projects including a traditional DIY self-build home to projects where the self-builder employs someone to build their home for them. Community-led projects can also be defined as self-build.

Custom build homes are where you work with a developer as an individual or a group to help deliver your own home. The developer may help to find a plot, manage the construction and arrange the finance for your new home. This is more of a hands-off approach but your home will be tailored to match your individual requirements. 

Self Build and Custom Build Register

If you would like to register your interest to purchase a serviced plot for the purpose of self-build, please complete the online registration form on the related downloads section. Please note the plots will be prepared, with access to services and sold at market value.

Further Information and Advice

If you would like to know more about the Self Build or Custom Build, have any queries about the registration, or would like a copy of the registration form sent to you, please contact:

Telephone: 01702 215002

The Government has also helped to set up the self-build portal to help aspiring self-builders, which has proven to be a valuable resource for anyone considering self or custom build.

You may also be interested in viewing the Southend Borough Council case study on building a single dwelling.

Page last updated: 16/10/2018