Health Services

Some health issues can have an impact on your ability to use your home or the type of housing you need. Medical problems, such as mental health issues or substance misuse, can make it difficult to manage your accommodation. Southend Health and Wellbeing Information Point contains advice about the help that is available in Southend.

If health issues are making it difficult for you to live in your home, you may qualify to be put on the Homeseekers Register. Having a medical problem does not mean you will have medical priority, but we take into account how your current accommodation affects your health.

The Aids and Adaptations team may be able to help you if you need equipment, advice or support to help you to live in your home. For more information please see the Independence and Recovery/Equipment page.

If you are not able to live in your home due to health issues, you may be considered homeless. If that is the case, the Housing Solutions team may be able to help you to find a new home.

Page last updated: 13/02/2020