Coronavirus - (COVID-19)

Worried? Need help with food shopping or other tasks? If you have no friends or family nearby who can help then please call our helpline on 01702 212497.

Visit our Coronavirus page for the latest advice and guidance.

Worried about coronavirus?

Worried about the coronavirus?

If you're worried about how you feel about the coronavirus, or are concerned for someone you know, help is available.

If you're a child or young person and you're worried about how you feel or about someone you know, help is available for you too, tailored to you.

Here are a number of organisations that are used to speaking to people with similar concerns. It's always good to talk, so if you think you might benefit from some friendly advice, then do have a look at their websites:

For everyone

Specifically for young people

Chathealth school nurses

  • relationships
  • drugs
  • bullying
  • alcohol
  • healthy eating
  • mental health and more

Even when school isn't open, you can contact local ChatHealth school nurses, by email, on Twitter (DM)) or by phone (01702 534843) or by text  message.

We do not usually inform your parents, teachers, or anyone else if you contact the school nurse. We  might inform someone if we were concerned about your safety, but we would normally speak to you first.

Messages are charged at your normal rate.

Specifically for older people

The Silver Line - helpline for older people

You are not alone.

Talk to someone you trust. Sharing a problem is often a good first step to feeling better.

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Page last updated: 25/03/2020