Car Cruise Injunction

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has secured a five-year High Court injunction to give police and council enforcement officers extra powers to deal swiftly with dangerous driving and antisocial behaviour at unauthorised car cruise events.

The injunction was issued by the County Court in Chelmsford on 11 April 2018 and is valid from 11 April 2018 until 12 April 2023. Activities prohibited by the injunction include, racing, speeding and creating noise, where this puts public safety at risk or causes nuisance.

This is the third time Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has secured an injunction of this type, though previous injunctions have only been valid for six months to a year. The first injunction was obtained from the High Court on 28th September 2016 and was valid for a year. This was then followed by injunction obtained on 28 September 2017 which was valid for six months.

People who wish to come to our seafront and peacefully show their vehicles have nothing to fear from this injunction.

However, anyone who comes to our town intending to drive recklessly, put themselves or others at risk of harm, or behave in an antisocial way should be aware that they will be dealt with swiftly and firmly.

The injunction gives officers additional powers to address dangerous driving and antisocial behaviour and breaching the injunction is considered a contempt of court and can result in a custodial sentence.

The injunction can be found in full in the related downloads section below.

Page last updated: 11/05/2018