How the Council Tax Money is Spent

In total, we will get £374.3m in revenue for the year 2018/19. Of that amount, £76.2m is from the Council Tax charge placed on residential properties in Southend for Borough Council services. The rest of the money comes from Government Grants, Business Rates and other grants, rents and incomes available to us.

This year there has been an increase of 4.49% in the Council Tax for Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, being a 2.99% general rise and a 1.5% Adult Social Care precept.

The table below shows the breakdown of our spending on services in 2018/19.

Council's spending on services 2018/19:

Portfolio Expenditure £m
Health and Adult Social Care 71.3
Children and Learning 89.5
Corporate and Community Support Services 112.9
Culture, Tourism & the Economy 13.4
Technology 4.3
Leader 2.8
Housing, Planning & Sustainability 23.6
Transport, Waste & Regulatory Services 26.1
Levies  0.6 
Contingency  5.7
Financing Costs, Interest etc.  12.6
Earmarked Reserves, Capital Contributions and exceptional funding 11.5
Total 374.3

For further information on this subject please see the Council Tax Booklet 2018/2019 in the downloads area.

Page last updated: 12/03/2018