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Apply for Council Housing

To be considered for Council or Housing Association properties you need to be on the Homeseekers Register. Because there are few properties available and high demand for accommodation we need to prioritise who qualifies for the Homeseekers Register. For more information about eligibility to join the Homeseekers Register and how priority is given please see the On The Move Scheme Guide. We strongly suggest that you consider other housing options such as privately renting before applying to go on the Homeseekers register. 

How to Apply

You should consider other housing options that are available to you as it can take years before you find a Council or Housing Association home. You can complete the online Housing Options Wizard on On The Move. You will need to answer some questions and the wizard will take into account your circumstances and provide an action plan for you to follow with advice and guidance on suitable options to find a home.

If you have already completed the Housing Options Wizard and none of the suggested options are suitable for you then you may wish to apply to join the Homeseekers Register.

To go on the Homeseekers register you need to complete our online application form.

If you have not done so already, you should complete the registration questions to get your log in number. You can then complete the application form. Once the form is complete we will contact you within 10 working days to advise you if you qualify for the Homeseekers Register. 

Supporting Documents and Verification

Once you have completed the online form you may need to supply supporting documents or you may be invited to an interview to verify your circumstances. 

We will only ask for copies and not original documents. 

If we need any further information from you, we will write and ask. 

Our Policy

If you would like full details of how we let our properties through a Choice Based Letting Scheme, please see our Allocations Policy in our related downloads. 

Page last updated: 13/07/2018