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Make Southend Sparkle

An initiative has been set to make Southend Sparkle by supporting local residents, groups, and businesses who wish to enhance the area where they live or work, to make it a greener and cleaner place.

People are being encouraged to take pride in the town and help tackle areas plagued with litter and fly tipping, and to get involved in green projects to improve the street scape and local environment.

This initiative will be part of an on-going multimedia campaign keeping local residents and businesses informed about projects and Make Southend Sparkle opportunities and how they can get involved.

Existing neighbourhood improvement schemes are being brought together in the ‘Make Southend Sparkle’ campaign along with new initiatives to help recruit volunteers and attract more money and match funding.

A Facebook page for Make Southend Sparkle will keep people informed on how they can help, and provide an opportunity to share good news stories about how residents have helped enhance the area.

Anyone wishing to get involved should visit the Facebook page or keep an eye out for opportunities, from businesses wishing to sponsor a roundabout, to free litter picking equipment for residents who want to provide additional litter picking in their street or favourite area.

Make Southend Sparkle Gardening Competition 2019 Entry Form

Page last updated: 29/10/2019