School Finance

Scheme for Financing Schools

The schools finance scheme sets out the financial arrangements that all schools in the borough and we at the council must follow.

If you’d like to view our current scheme please see our related downloads.

Management of School Private Funds (Voluntary Funds)

This is all the money that is collected or spent in the name of the school, which does not form part of our accounts. This will often include money collected from school activities, donations, school organised fund-raising activities, locker-key deposits etc.

These funds provide schools with an additional source of income and are often used to give students more educational and recreational facilities over what is already offered by us.

For more information please see our related downloads at the bottom of this page.

Section 251 (S251) Statutory Financial Returns

Section 251 statements are to give a clear picture of our planned spending in education. These statements will tell you:

  • how much we intend to spend on the Local Authority Budget outside the Schools Budget
  • how much we intend to keep within the Schools Budget for school services
  • how we work out budget shares for each school maintained by us

To view any of these statements please see our related downloads.

Page last updated: 06/07/2018