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Changes in Circumstance

All expired, defaced or invalid badges MUST be returned to the Local Authority to be removed from circulation for fraud prevention

What do you do if you change address?

You need to notify us of this change. We will need proof of your new address and details of your previous address.

The Blue Badge system is a national system, so if you are moving out of the borough please contact your new authority who will request the badge records be transferred to them.

What do you do if a badge holder passes away?

Please return the badge to us at the Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 6ER. If you wish, you can cut the photo out before returning the badge to us.

Can you use your Blue Badge abroad?

You can use your Blue Badge throughout the European Union, but this will vary from region to region. You can find out more about using badge in Europe, and further afield, from the Department for Transport website.

Please return any expired, defaced or invalid badges to us to be removed from circulation.

Page last updated: 10/09/2019