Long Stay Immigration Inspections

Long Stay Immigrants sometimes have to get certain information before they can enter the country. This is a condition set by some countries’ High Commissions. Immigration Inspections are a discretionary action which means we do not have a mandatory duty to carry these out.

The needed information includes housing standards and the possibility of overcrowding.

Before carrying out an inspection to find out this information the Private Sector Housing team considers whether:

  • we have the staff resources to carry out the inspection
  • there would be a charge (£175 for the initial inspection and £60 for each subsequent visit)
  • the applicant should instead seek an inspection by a private surveyor

To ask for a Long Stay Immigration Inspection please follow these steps:

  • contact Private Sector Housing to see if we can offer an inspection
  • submit a copy of the High Commission letter and list of requested information. The fee must be paid in advance or we will not take on your request
  • we will then contact the current occupier or landlord to arrange an inspection
  • an inspection will be completed under the Housing Health & Safety Rating System under the Housing Act 2004 and the Overcrowding Standard within the Housing Act 1985
  • we will then send a summary report of the inspection to the current occupier or landlord (so that this can be forwarded to the High Commission)
  • if anything does not meet standards we will note this in our correspondence to you and a re-inspection and new confirmation letter will be sent when standards have been met. You must pay an additional fee of £60 for each subsequent visit as this covers the cost of the Officer time involved

You can then use our letter as evidence of the suitability of the property to the authority which requested it.

Page last updated: 01/11/2018