Street Care and Cleaning

My Street is Your Street

Litter affects everyone from residents, to local businesses, to visitors that may only be in Southend for a few hours. And in terms of the wider environmental impact, it can end up on our beaches and blown into the estuary and the sea beyond. Its impact on land and marine life can be far reaching and devastating.

It is all of our responsibilities to become part of the solution and play a proactive role in ensuring that littering doesn’t happen.

‘My Street is Your Street’ is an anti-littering campaign launched by Southend BID in partnership with Southend-on-Sea Borough Council. Watch the anti-littering video , showing the range of initiatives on offer.

The campaign is focused on fun and interactive anti-litter initiatives installed across the Southend High Street and golden-mile area from cigarette ‘ballot bins’ to talking litter bins, chewing gum disposal points and recycling bins with bag dispensers. With the range of options on offer there really is no excuse to litter.

Remember that my street is your street, and we all have to live, work and enjoy the spaces that we share. So let’s make sure we all respect and enjoy them together. And it doesn’t end on the High Street or Golden Mile, the same goes for our beaches, residential streets and parks and open spaces.

For further information about how to get involved please see the useful links.

Want to play a more proactive role in your community?

We have launched the Street Champions initiative, encouraging residents and businesses to take ownership of their immediate area. Whether you can spend just a few minutes a week, or even a few hours cleaning up your local area, we would love to hear from you! For further information please visit our Street Champions page.

Page last updated: 25/10/2018