Paper and Card Collection

Why was the separate paper and card recycling service introduced?

The improved service was introduced for the following reasons:

Legislation – Recent requirements (under the revised Waste Framework Directive) mean local authorities have to carry out assessments to ensure that the quality of recyclable materials is protected by offering separate collections. For Southend-on-Sea Borough Council compliance with the legislation involves collecting paper and card separately, but collecting other recyclable materials together.

Quality – By collecting paper and card separately the quality is maintained. For example, it will be drier and have less contamination from other materials. Also, by separating the material at source it doesn’t have to go through a sorting process, improving efficiency and further reducing the possibility of contamination. This means that it can be recycled into a wider range of products.

Increasing capacity – with the additional blue paper and card recycling box there will be increased capacity to recycle even more whilst at the same time allowing Southend Borough Council to meet its legal obligations under the Waste Framework Directive.

Page last updated: 23/10/2018