Support for People with a Learning Disability

If you have a learning disability, we can support you to live as independently as possible and enjoy a good quality of life. We also support carers so that they can have a break.

We can help with:

  • help at home and with finding suitable housing
  • education, training and employment
  • breaks for carers
  • transition into adulthood and planning for the future
  • support to take part in leisure and community activities

To find out if you qualify for help you will have to have an assessment. This is to ask you about what help you need in day-to-day life.

  • You can apply for this on-line for yourself or ask someone to help you with it
  • Not everyone will qualify for services, but if we cannot help, we will give you information about community groups that may be able to support you
  • There is a charge for some services. We will carry out a financial assessment to find out how much, if anything, this charge will be
  • If you qualify for a service, we will offer you a direct payment so that you, or someone who looks after you, can arrange your support in a way that suits you
  • Direct payments mean that you can be your own boss, and employ your own personal assistant to help you to meet your needs and your goals. You can also use direct payments for activities during the day or for short breaks

You might be eligible for free care funded by the NHS. To find out, you will need to have an assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare.

Page last updated: 05/07/2018