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What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is when a person helps you to be heard. An advocate is trained to support you to make your views and choices known. They can act as your voice.

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Southend Mencap Advocacy Service

The Southend Mencap Advocacy Service is open to anyone with a learning disability aged 15 years or over.

We have one full-time advocate. She can help you with many things.

  • Do you need an independent voice? If yes, she can help.
  • Are your needs being ignored or forgotten? If yes, she can help.
  • Do you know your rights? If not, she can help.
  • Do you have information to make informed choices? If not, she can help.
  • Do you have someone to empower you and speak up for your rights? If not, she can help.

It doesn't cost anything to use the service.

Our advocate can meet you wherever is best for you.

If you would like a Mencap advocate then please telephone 01702 334514 or email




BATIAS Independent Advocacy Service

BATIAS has three types of advocates.

A formal advocate can support you to go to reviews, medical meetings and interviews. They can help you with a problem or a concern. This can be over a period of months or sometimes just a few weeks.

At the BATIAS self-advocacy groups, the advocate can:

  • support you to develop new skills.
  • support you to make choices.
  • support you to speak up for yourself.

A Citizen advocate is a volunteer who becomes a partner of a person with a learning disability. The advocate will support you to go to more things in the community. These can be things like going to the pub or café, playing sports, education and clubs.

If you would like an advocate from BATIAS then please telephone 01702 528 021.

Or you can e-mail

Page last updated: 08/06/2017