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A127 Tesco’s Junction Improvements

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has finished upgrading the roundabout on the junction of the A127 and B1013 – known locally as the Tesco Roundabout.

Work started in 27 October 2014 and continued through to March 2015.

Key features of the plans include:

  • Extra lanes on the roundabout and its approaches
  • The introduction of intelligent traffic-light controls at the roundabout – like those installed at Cuckoo Corner - which will respond to traffic levels at the junction and manage traffic accordingly. Better landscaping, including at least 10 more trees and attractive planting
  • New, safer signalled crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists
  • A reconfigured roundabout at the junction of Nestuda Way and St Laurence Way to simplify the northbound approach

The reconfigured junction is able to handle more traffic and, as an added benefit, makes it easier for vehicles to exit from the Tesco side of the roundabout (Thanet Grange).

The £4.7m* upgrade will support Southend and Rochford councils’ ambitions to create 7,380 new jobs in the area around London Southend Airport over the next 15 years.

The Council secured a £3.3m* grant from the Department for Transport (DfT)’s Local Pinch Point Fund towards this work. The remainder of the project cost (£1.4m*) was met by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council’s own capital budget.

Residents and motorists were kept informed throughout the project with regular newsletters (downloadable from this page) Twitter updates, media announcements and one-to-one meetings and direct email. Feedback from neighbours has been positive and the area is now benefitting from a more attractive roundabout that can accommodate greater volumes of traffic.


Page last updated: 08/06/2017