Local Sustainability Transport Fund (LSTF)

Local Sustainable Transport Fund - Joint Application

This joint 2015/16 LSTF proposal seeks to provide an efficient and recognised bus and train network across Thames Gateway South Essex area. The project focuses on enhancing the best performing, frequent bus services and existing dense train network that connects the sub-region, especially the growth areas of Basildon, Southend and Thurrock. These areas are critical locations for jobs and housing growth which require a comprehensive sustainable public transport network to enable this growth. We will therefore:
  • Expand on the existing implementation of the Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) System, to deliver accurate real time passenger information and provide signal priority
  • Implement a phased introduction of smart ticketing measures to capitalise on AVL and on the smart ticketing readers already installed on the majority of the buses;
  • Deliver seamless interchange
  • Dramatically improve public transport journeys; and
  • Develop a strong and effective partnership with bus and train operators to establish a regionally recognised brand.

Page last updated: 15/01/2019