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The Bell Junction

The Bell Junction Improvements

The A127 has undergone a number of improvements at strategic junctions starting with Progress Road and Cuckoo Corner in 2010/11, Tesco Roundabout in 2014/15, with Kent Elms nearing completion and The Bell to be complete prior to 2020/21. Those schemes that have been completed to date have improved the performance at each of the junctions and have contributed to an improved A127 corridor. The Bell scheme will also manage traffic better and contribute to improved air quality.

We are now focusing on improvements at The Bell Junction, £4.3m funding to support improvements at The Bell junction is from the Local Growth Fund via the South East Local Enterprise Partnership. The Council is also contributing £0.72m.


An eight week consultation that started in July 2019 offered three options, all aimed at reducing queuing traffic and improving air quality at this key junction on the A127.

Three proposals were put to residents and businesses, with two public drop-in sessions held – one at Prince Avenue Primary school, and one at Earls Hall Primary school – where engineers were on hand to provide information on each of the three options.

369 people responded to the consultation which took place in summer 2019, with 81% indicating their preference for option 2 or 3 which included the main aspects incorporated into the final design.

The feedback was carefully reviewed from the consultation to inform the design to be implemented. See some of the comments received at the stickyworld portal.

The Design

The final design for The Bell junction improvement works has been revealed, with preliminary works set to step up in the New Year.

The design for the £5m junction upgrade, which will be largely funded from the Government’s Local Growth Fund (£4.3m), includes:

  • A new dedicated left-turn lane onto Rochford Road;
  • Extending the right-turn lane onto Hobleythick Lane;
  • Better pedestrian facilities on Rochford Road by providing a traffic-signal pedestrian crossing;
  • Better pedestrian facilities on Hobleythick Lane by providing a new pedestrian island;
  • Banning the right-turn onto Rochford Road, in order to free up more “green light” time for motorists going straight ahead along the A127 in both directions, and improve pedestrian facilities
  • Removing the footbridge, which does not comply with disability discrimination legislation because of the lack of ramps.

Coming Up

Gas and electricity companies are already moving underground pipes and cables around the junction prior to the main works commencing. The next phase of this will start from Monday 13 January 2020 at Rochford Road and A127 Prince Avenue. Residents will be contacted by the companies in due course.

Before the electric (UK Power Networks) utility diversion works on A127 Prince Avenue start, 10 young trees will also be relocated to a verge on the other side of the road and vegetation will be cleared from the site. Comprehensive landscaping in the green space will take place at the end of the project to make the area more attractive and provide a better barrier against road noise for nearby residents.




2 January 2020

Tree relocation and vegetation clearance at A127 Prince Avenue green space area


13 January 2020

Electricity (UK Power Networks) utility diversions start


13 January 2020

Gas (Cadent) utility diversions start


Summer 2020

Junction upgrade construction works start


31 March 2021

Construction works complete

Scheme Design

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Page last updated: 08/01/2020