The Bell Junction

The Bell Junction Improvements

The A127 has undergone a number of improvements at strategic junctions starting with Progress Road and Cuckoo Corner in 2010/11, Tesco Roundabout in 2014/15, with Kent Elms nearing completion and The Bell to be complete prior to 2020/21. Those schemes that have been completed to date have improved the performance at each of the junctions and have contributed to an improved A127 corridor. The Bell scheme will also manage traffic better and contribute to improved air quality.

We are now focusing on improvements at The Bell Junction, £4.3m funding to support improvements at The Bell junction is from the Local Growth Fund via the South East Local Enterprise Partnership. The Council is also contributing £0.72m.


We consulted in the summer to seek your views on what should happen at The Bell Junction and how it can be developed to improve both the movement of vehicles through the junction and the experience of pedestrians crossing the junction. 

The feedback was carefully reviewed from the consultation to inform the design to be implemented. See some of the comments received at the stickyworld portal.

Coming Up

Our contractor underwent a series of digging trial holes in the footway and carriageway to help us confirm the location of underground gas pipes, cables and water mains, as these may have to be moved as we upgrade the junction. We have provided this information to utility companies and are waiting to hear back from them if they need to be moved.

If you have any queries, please email Alternatively, call 01702 215408.

Page last updated: 15/04/2019