Paper and Card Collection

Why Is There A Paper and Card Box ?

The paper and card box collections were started for the following reasons:


It is important for local councils to check their waste processes.

By having different recycling collections, we are keeping the quality of the recycled materials that you have separated for us.


The main advantage of collecting paper and card on its own is that it makes sure the quality of the items is kept and these items are likely to be drier and cleaner and are less likely to be unclean.

This also stops these items going through a sorting method, improving the process and (once again) lessening the chance of the materials becoming dirty.

If items such as paper and card are clean, they can be recycled much more easily into a wider range of products.

More Space

Having a blue paper and card recycling box creates more room in your pink bags. This means you can recycle more items, so less rubbish goes into your black bags.

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