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Make a payment

Please note: From 30 April 2020 we only accept payment for services provided electronically.

Licence payments for any of the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire services can be made online.

If you need a replacement vehicle licence plate, replacement vehicle licence plate holder, drivers licence badge, a replacement or copy document please use the make a payment service. Once your payment has been made please contact the Hackney Carriage office to advise them what you require.

Reporting of medical conditions

Any medical condition that may affect the ability to drive must be reported to the Hackney Carriage Office within 7 days. This is a condition of all driver's licences issued by Southend-on-Sea City Council as per Section 4 of the Licensing Conditions.

In July 2024, we moved to a new system for the digital forms hosted on our website. Whilst a form previously existed for this service, it is not currently available. We will be regularly implementing new forms so please check back regularly for updated information.

Medical Exemption Certificate - Assistance Dogs or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Licenced Drivers can apply for a medical exemption from carrying assistance dogs and/or the transport of wheelchairs on medical grounds. This will exempt the driver from the duties placed on licensed drivers using a Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle licenced by Southend-on-Sea City Council.

It is important that people who use assistance dogs or a wheelchair can have confidence that the taxi they find on a rank, or hail on the street, or which they book through a private hire operator will accept them and carry them at no extra charge.

All licenced drivers are required under section 165, 169 and 170 of the Equality Act 2010 to carry people accompanied with assistance dogs or a wheelchair unless the driver has possession of an exemption certificate.

The Council can provide an exemption to the requirements under the Equality Act 2010 to drivers who have medical conditions which prevent them from assisting people with assistance dogs or who use wheelchairs.

To request a copy of the Medical Exemption Policy and an application form to apply for a Medical Exemption please contact the Hackney Carriage Office.

Any fees payable to your Doctor or Medical Specialist is the responsibility of the applicant and not Southend-on-Sea City Council.

Lost property

Any lost property that you have identified in your vehicle should be reported to the Hackney Carriage Officer as soon as it has been found.

Any lost property should then be handed into the Civic Centre reception desk or handed to an Authorised Hackney Carriage Officer as soon as possible.

You need to report lost property by contacting the Hackney Carriage office.

You can do this by email or phoning 01702 215005.

Reporting of Accident

If you, as a Licenced Driver, are involved in an accident it needs to be reported to the Hackney Carriage office as a matter of urgency within 24 hours. This is not limited to road traffic accidents with another vehicle. For example, this will also include contact with a pedestrian.

You are reminded that any damage to your Licenced Vehicle should be reported within 24 hours.

For a Licenced Driver to report an accident please email us. If the matter is urgent, please call 01702 215005 and ask for the Hackney Carriage office.

Request a copy licence or report a change of circumstance

You can request a copy of your licence if it has been lost or damaged by contacting the Hackney Carriage office.

For any change of circumstance including change of address, change of contact details etc. you will need to contact the Hackney Carriage office.

You can contact the Hackney Carriage office by email or if it is urgent by calling 01702 215005.

For a change of circumstance, you will need to complete the relevant application form. For example, if you are advising us of a change to a Licenced Drivers contact address you will need to complete a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire application form.

Mechanical Inspection

Every year your vehicle is required to have a mechanical inspection.

We will contact you when the inspection is booked in.

As soon as you have had the inspection carried out you need to meet a Council Officer so they can complete the inspection.

If you cannot attend the appointment you need to notify us in advance. You can do this by either email or calling 01702 215005.

You need to contact the Licensing Office as soon as possible if the vehicle fails its inspection.

Currently our approved providers are:

Autorama Garage
Tickfield Avenue,

01702 392203

Contact Licences, Permissions & Trading Standards

Telephone: 01702 215005

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