Drivers licences

Renew your Driver’s Licence

To renew a Driver’s Licence, you will receive a communication from the Hackney Carriage Office advising you when you need to complete your renewal application by.

The process to renew your Driver Licence will involve completing an online application form. You can access this application form by visiting MySouthend and using the search function.

Once the Hackney Carriage Office has received the renewal application form and the payment for your Driver Licence, we will contact you to confirm that it is valid and provide you with the necessary licencing documents

If your application for any reason is invalid or incomplete, we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

To renew a driver licence, the supporting documents you need are:

  1. Valid DBS certificate.
  2. Valid Medical Certificate.

Drivers licence conditions

Please use the following links to view the current conditions for:

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