Historic records

Whether you are researching:

  • your family tree
  • finding out more about where you live

Historical records can be invaluable.

You can find advice about how to use local information to help you by using our local heritage guide.

We hold a wide range of sources to help the family historian.

Southend Libraries

For more detailed information please see our libraries pages.

Duplicate certificates

If you want to get duplicate births, marriages, civil partnerships and deaths certificates for those that were registered in Southend you can apply and pay online for this service.

You can also contact the General Register Office as they can offer guidance and information if you are:

  • ordering certificates online
  • looking for certificate fees
  • investigating your family tree
  • looking for overseas records
  • Traceline - trying to contact family and friends

Electoral registers

We hold registers of electors from the present day back to 1949.

They can be viewed at the Civic Centre, please see our viewing electoral registers page for more details.

Cemetery records

You can ask us to search burial and cremation records for local cemeteries. Please use our online form to request for these records. You can apply and pay online for this service.

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