Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) is the timetable for the preparation and review of the citys planning policy documents which comprises the Southend New Local Plan and South Essex Joint Strategic Plan. The LDS is a living document and is updated on a regular basis. If you require a full copy of the LDS please email planningpolicy@southend.gov.uk.

Local Development Scheme – Project Timetables

These are live timetables that are subject to monitoring and will be updated as appropriate. (Q refers to the quarter of that calendar year)

Southend New Local Plan

Stages and dates of the Southend new local plan.



Evidence base preparation


Call for Sites


Issues (and Options) Document public consultation

2019 Q1

Refining the Plan Options

2021 Q3

Preferred Approach Document public consultation

2022 Q3

Publication of Proposed Submission Document public consultation

2023 Q2

Submission to Secretary of State for independent examination followed by subsequent Examination and Adoption**

2023 Q4

* Q = calendar based yearly quarter (i.e. Q1: Jan-March, Q2: April-June, Q3: July-Sept, Q4: Oct-Dec) with the relevant stage commencing during this time period

**As an approximation, the period from submission to adoption may range from 9 to 12 months dependent on the content and scope of the plan, issues arising during examination and scheduling of meetings.

Emerging planning policy

Document, status, description, Geographical Coverage.


Status Description Geographical Coverage

Southend New Local Plan (SNLP)


The SNLP will be prepared taking account of the South Essex strategic framework being developed through Association of South Essex Authorities (ASELA). The SNLP will provide detailed development plan polices to address local issues, including local objectives and mineral planning matters. These policies will guide future planning application decisions within the city of Southend.

The SNLP will include a review of the Core Strategy, Development Management Document (DMD), Southend Central Area Action Plan (SCAAP), remaining Saved Borough Local Plan Policies and some of the strategic policies within the Joint Area Action Plan (JAAP). Once adopted the SNLP will replace these planning documents.

The Community Infrastructure Levy (Charging

Schedule) will be reviewed as a separate document, having regard to the SNLP and its associated infrastructure requirements.

Southend city Wide

*Development Planning Document

Existing adopted planning policy and community infrastructure levy

Document, Status, Description, Geographical Coverage, Chain of Conformity, Date of Adoption.
Document Status Description Geographical Coverage Chain of Conformity Date of Adoption
Core Strategy DPD* Contains the council’s vision for Southend and provides the strategic policy framework and growth targets to guide and promote all development in the Borough to 2021. Borough Wide National Policy Dec 2007
London Southend Airport and Environs Joint Area Action Plan (JAAP) DPD* Contains a policy framework, site allocations and proposals to deliver economic development and growth in and around London Southend Airport, including two business parks, in accordance with the vision and objectives in the Core Strategy and taking account of the broader objectives of the Thames Gateway south Essex regeneration area.
(Plan prepared jointly with Rochford District Council).
Airport and environs With Core Strategy Dec 2014
Development Management Document (DMD) DPD* Contains detailed policies for the management of development in the Borough. A Policies Map will accompany this DPD to illustrate geographically the application of its policies. Borough Wide With Core Strategy July 2015
Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule To set out a charging regime for contributions to infrastructure. Borough Wide With Core Strategy July 2015
Essex and Southend Waste local Plan DPD* The document sets out the vision, objectives and spatial strategy for dealing with waste in the Plan area up to 2032. Identifies locations for the provision of waste management sites and sets out the key development management policies that waste planning applications will be assessed against. (Plan prepared jointly with Essex County Council). Administrative area of Essex County Council and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council National Policy Oct 2017
Southend Central Area Action Plan (SCAAP) DPD* Contains the policy framework, site allocations and proposals aimed at strengthening the role of Southend Town Centre and Central Seafront area as a successful place to live, work and visit. It also sets out the policy framework and proposals for adjacent residential areas. It is accompanied by an up-to-date Policies Map. Southend Town Centre, Central Seafront and adjacent residential areas With Core Strategy Feb 2018

*Development Planning Document

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