Planning premium service

The Local Planning Authority (LPA) offers a premium service for certain types of applications. This enables these applications to be determined in a shorter time frame.

What does the premium service provide?

It provides a guaranteed decision within 4 weeks of submission of a valid application. Please note that it does not guarantee that an application will be approved.

Why offer a premium service?

It is useful for those with tight project deadlines or other constraints.

What types of applications can be submitted under the premium service?

The premium service has been created for the following application types only:

  • Certificate of Lawful Use/Development Proposed / Existing (CLP /CLE)

Requirements for premium service submissions

If you want to use the premium service, you must follow these steps:

Step one

Email planning premium services to request to use the premium service. You must provide:

  • full details of your proposal, including the site address
  • any relevant planning references
  • details of what your proposal is for

You will then be advised if your proposal qualifies for the premium service.

Step two

If the LPA agrees you can use the premium service, you must submit your application in the normal way. This is through the planning portal.

All the relevant information required for the application must be provided with the submission.

As soon as you have submitted, you must let us know via email, that the application has been submitted.

Step three

You must then pay the additional premium service fee directly to the LPA. You can make this payment once you have a reference number for your application. The fee can be paid by phoning the Council's Contact Centre on 01702 215004.

Fees and charges are available to view or download. (go to the relevant Planning tab).

Validation and outcome

Once validated, you will be provided with details of the application case officer.

A valid application will be determined within 4 weeks of submission.

Important things to consider

  • the LPA reserves the right to decline a request to use the premium service
  • the premium service does not guarantee that your application will be approved, only it guarantees that your application will be determined within 4 weeks of submission
  • the application will be decided in its submitted form

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