Traffic calming consultations for Leigh and Thorpe Bay are open

Consultations on introducing traffic calming measures in Leigh and Thorpe Bay as part of a pilot programme are now live on Your Say Southend.

20 miles per hour sign located on Windermere Road

The council is seeking the views of residents and businesses on traffic calming proposals which recommend options for a 20mph speed limit and traffic calming features in the selected areas, which will be piloted for 12 months.

The proposals are intended to help our residents and visitors in the City feel safe and secure when using our streets by having vehicles drive slower. The reduced speed limits should also decrease congestion and improve air quality.

A full summary of the proposed traffic calming schemes is included in the consultation forms, including plans of the areas. Both consultations are due to end next month, with the Leigh scheme consultation ending on Friday 7 October and Thorpe scheme consultation ending on Friday 21 October.

Cllr Steven Wakefield, cabinet member for highways, transport and parking, said: “Both of the proposed schemes contribute to the council’s priorities for the City, particularly in terms of moving towards a safer City by reducing vehicle speeds and improving the safety for pedestrians and ensuring residents and visitors feel safe and secure in their neighbourhoods. This could also encourage our residents to use active and more sustainable transport options.”

“I urge all residents and businesses in these areas to take this opportunity to express their views by completing the consultations. The comments will help us to finalise our proposals before construction commences.”

For the Leigh Ward consultation, visit Leigh Traffic Calming Pilot - Consultation | Your say Southend - open until Friday 7 October 2022.

For Thorpe Ward consultation visit Thorpe - Traffic Calming Pilot Consultation | Your say Southend - open until Friday 21 October 2022.

Alternatively, consultation packs are available upon request by calling 01702 215408.

Published: 21st September 2022

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