PlastiCity mobile unit opens its doors to highlight importance of recycling

The PlastiCity mobile unit hit the road earlier this month to showcase the plastic recycling process as well as other exciting ways to reduce and recycle waste plastics.

Southend Council Staff standing outside the PlastiCity mobile unit

Organised by the PlastiCity project team, the two-day event took place between 9 and 10 November and highlighted the importance of recycling plastics and the latest innovations available.

Kicking off at the top of the High Street outside The Odeon, the mobile unit and recycling laboratory opened its doors to visitors with a morning welcome event and engaged with over 100 people from residential groups, local organisations, and schools.

This was followed by several workshops delivered at the council’s Climate Hub on the first floor of The Victoria Centre, showcasing actual products manufactured from recycled plastics using a 3D printer.

The PlastiCity team also attended the Southend Business Partnership Business Breakfast to launch the PlastiCity Pledge and over a dozen organisations have signed up already.

The PlastiCity pledge is designed to easily and quickly guide organisations to become more sustainable, fit for future regulation, and to increase plastic recycling in Southend’s schools and businesses.

Cllr Carole Mulroney, cabinet member for environment, culture and tourism, said: “The PlastiCity mobile unit is a great way to engage and educate people face-to-face about how to reduce your plastic footprint and do your bit to dispose of plastics responsibly.

“It was also so encouraging to see lots of businesses signing up to our PlastiCity Pledge and I urge other businesses and schools across Southend to do the same and prove our City takes plastic waste seriously and is committed to making lasting change.”

To register your interest in the pledge, and to find out more about the PlastiCity Project, please visit the Southend Climate Action website. You can also contact the PlastiCity team by email at:

Photos are available to view on our Flickr site.

Published: 23rd November 2022

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