Adverse Weather, Gritting and Snow Clearance

Snow Wardens

We are offering free gritting equipment to the first 100 people who sign up to become a volunteer Snow Warden. The pack includes salt grit, snow shovels and high-visibility jackets.

By signing the Snow Warden’s pledge you commit to be on hand to help within your local community, making pavements safer for residents.

Snow warden’s pledge to:

  1. Use their supplies for the benefit of the wider community.
  2. Adhere to our advisory information sheet - ‘The Snow Code’.
  3. Provide their email address to receive updates from us and provide confirmation of community activity they have undertaken.
  4. Check and report on local salt grit bins that need refilling.

To express an interest in becoming a Snow warden, please call Veolia on 0203 567 6955 or email Veolia.

For further information and a map of grit bins in the Borough please see our Adverse Weather, Gritting and Snow Clearance area on the website.

You can view the Snow Code Pledge and sign up form in our related downloads area.

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