Electric vehicles charging points

We have a number of charging points for electric vehicles, which are available for the general public to use.

Charging your vehicle

When parked at any of our charging points, the vehicle must be actively charging, and must not go over the time limit allowed.

Once you have finished charging your vehicle, please unplug and move away from the charge point to allow other motorists to use the facilities.

To charge your vehicle, you must pay a charging fee and parking fee, if applicable.

The charging fees may vary, dependent on the provider or type of charging equipment.

All charges will be in line with the local and regional average and subject to changes.

Finding a charging point

To find the nearest charging points and public charging networks in the Southend city area, please visit the zap map website. You might need to have an app or own a RFID card issued by the supplier of the charging point to be able to use them.

Locations of charging points

Car parks

  • Alexander Street Car Park - device type 5x7kw and 2x50kw (supplied by Blink Charging UK)
  • Civic Centre Car Park - device type 3x7kw (supplied by Hanger-19)
  • Hamlet Court Road Car Park - device type 3x7kw and 2x7kw (supplied by Genie Point)
  • Seaways Car Park - device type 2x7kw (supplied by Genie Point)
  • Short Street Car Park - device type 3x7kw (supplied by Hanger-19)
  • Warrior Square Car Park - device type 5x7kw and 2x50kw (supplied by Genie Point)


  • London Road, Southend (opp. Sainbury's) - device type 2x50kw, 1x43kw and 2x7kw (supplied by Genie Point)

Enforcement of charging points

To make sure electric vehicle charging points are used correctly, our Civil Enforcement Officers enforce the following contraventions:

  • parking without charging
  • staying longer than the maximum stay allowed
  • parking outside of bay markings

Contact parking, travel and roads

Telephone: 01702 215003

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