Skip Licence (Operator)

If you want to put a skip on a public highway it needs to be licenced. You need one application per skip.

A licence (sometimes called a permit) is required for:

  • Skips
  • Hippo bags and other skip bags

A skip licence is not required if the skip is placed entirely on private land.

A skip must not contain any inflammable, explosive, noxious or dangerous waste or any waste which is likely to putrefy or which otherwise is, or is likely to become, a nuisance to users of the highway.


Within Southend to make sure skips are placed safely and waste is dealt with correctly, only skip companies registered with us can request a skip licence.

Skip companies need to carry adequate public liability insurance and be a registered waste carrier.

Access the Public Register for environmental information.

Any skip licences granted are subject to compliance with:

A skip licence must be approved before the skip is placed on the public highway.

Apply for a Skip Licence online (One application per skip required)


For each new skip licence there is a fee which covers consideration of the application and for occupation of the highway up to 21 days.

For current fees please see the Council Fees and Charges document.

Fines and Penalties

You can be fined if you place an unlicensed skip on a public road, cause damage to any public property or fail to make sure the skip is safe.


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