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Make Southend Sparkle is about taking pride and positive action to improve your local area.

Volunteer your time to make positive changes where you live.

If you want to get involved visit the Make Southend Sparkle Facebook page. The page will keep you informed on how you can help, and provide an opportunity to share good news stories.

Sparkle your frontage competition

Do you want to get your garden noticed in the Sparkle your frontage competition?

Do you want some helpful hints to get your garden marked higher? Then please read on fellow Sparklers.

Make your front garden as wildlife friendly as you can by installing habitat friendly encouragement. For example: - Bird box, bat box, toad abode, bug hotel, hedgehog house and bird feeders. You could also include an area of lawn that you don’t mow and encourage wildflower in that area.

If you have a water feature, make sure there is a way for animals, like hedgehogs, to get in and out of the water. If you don’t have a water feature you could still make sure there is a fresh water supply that is changed or topped up regularly for wildlife to drink from.

Talking of water - think about collecting rainwater (for example a water butt) this can then be used to water your lovely plants. If your front garden is paved over, you can still enter by having pots, tubs and hanging baskets. Why not upcycle or recycle containers and show some innovation with green walls and vertical planting – this is especially fab for small front gardens and balcony spaces.

Why not go wild with food and instead of having flowers, go for fruits and vegetables instead! You can get some fab height with a wigwam of runner beans and plants such as squashes, courgettes and marrows have beautiful full leaves and very attractive flowers. Instead of a shrub why not plant a fruit bush like blackcurrent or redcurrent or raspberry canes if height is required.

No matter where you are planting, please try and plant flowers that are pollinator friendly. We want to give all the bees and bugs all the help they can get – after all they play a major part in producing all of our fresh fruit and vegetables.

Please see a brief list of some of the best pollinator plants

Ajuga Vars

Arabis vars

Aubretia vars

Begenia Vars

Caltha pulustris

Erysimum species wallflower

Euphorbia Vars

Geraniums (cranesbill)

Geum vars

Hebe vars

Iberis Vars

Lamium Vars


With a community garden or space show evidence of community involvement for example an up-to-date notice board, Facebook group or garden display.

For all entries especially Best Business, Best Street, Best Community area and Best school please make sure the area is kept litter free.

For all entries make sure you keep your frontage in tip top condition by regularly weeding and dead heading plants. Most of all, please remember to water! Plants need to remain hydrated to look their best and its best to water either first thing in the morning and after the sun has gone down.

So good luck Southend - may all your frontages Sparkle!

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