Parks and Open Spaces Safety

Risk of Outdoor Fires

The country has been experiencing soaring temperatures and dry conditions for many weeks now and the forecasts looks like it will continue. The weather has made grass areas, parks and open space very dry meaning that the risk of fires increase.

We want everyone to have fun and enjoy the weather by going outside, but it is important to stay fire aware when out and about to ensure we can minimalise the fire risk.

Across the county there have been incidents involving bonfires which have spread out of control because the ground is so dry and there was a recent incident on the Cliffs area next to the Cliff Lift. These fires can be devastating and can cause significant damage. They can take hold and spread at great speed. If you're thinking of having a bonfire please reconsider and wait until the current weather conditions have subsided.

Please follow the advice from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service (ECFRS) outdoor fire safety advice to avoid fires:

  • extinguish cigarettes properly, don't throw cigarette ends on the ground or out of car windows
  • take your rubbish with you, especially glass bottles, which can magnify the sun's rays and start a fire
  • do not have bonfires during hot and dry weather conditions
  • if you see a fire in the countryside, report it immediately
  • don’t attempt to tackle fires that can’t be put out with a bucket of water – leave the area as soon as possible

For further information please visit the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service website. 

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