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Local Land Charges

Southend Local Land Charges are all working as normal; however due to remote working for our staff members we have placed all calls onto our answerphone. Please leave a message on this number and your call will be returned without delay.

What is a local land charge?

A local land charge is any outstanding claim, restriction or information affecting a property or piece of land. Your solicitor will usually carry out a local land charges search when you buy a house. It is made up of two elements:

  • Local land charges search (form LLC1): this shows local land charges affecting the land or property such as planning decisions, tree preservation orders and enforcement notices
  • Local authority search (form CON29): this search will provide responses on matters such as planning, highways and environmental

The response in respect of building regulations building work is subject to an application deposited with the authority on or after 1 July 2002.

How to apply for a local land charges search

Our online service is a fast and efficient way of submitting your search applications. Due to changes to our payment system, we are temporarily unable to accept payment via this method and require you to pay for your search by clicking this link.

Please make a note of your search reference number which will begin with the prefix ESBC' as you will be prompted to enter this and it will enable us to process payment and the search more quickly. Please note that until the payment has been recived, your search cannot be processed.

Please contact us if you need any further assistance on 01702 215124 or by sending us an email to  [email protected]

Additionally please be aware that our Local Land Charges personal/official searches reveal data for planning history from 1990 onwards; should you require planning history between 1977 and 1990 please contact [email protected] directly.

Please note once a search has been accepted and work on its completion has commenced, a refund of the search fee will not be give

Personal search requests

You can make a personal search request online. Please note the response will be strictly 'raw and unchecked data'. 

Please note we will only accept three searches per working day from each company.

Should you wish to obtain planning records post 1999 please check Public Access.

Should you wish to obtain Building Control records please check Building Control.

How to obtain information relating to local land charges form CON29 (other than through an official search request).

VAT on CON29 elements of local authority searches

We charge VAT on search applications (other than LLC1) and VAT receipts will be provided with your search.

Our Fees from 01 April 2020 (prices subject to vat at 20%)

Type of Search Cost VAT Total Fee Required
Local land charges and local authority search (LLC1 and CON29) £110 £15 £125
LLC1 only £35


LLC1 only additional parcel of land £5 None £5
CON29 £75 £15 £90
CON29 additional parcel of land £10.50 £2.10 £12.60
CON29’O’ questions £15,50 each £3.10 £18.60
LLC1 and CON29 additional parcel of land £15.50 £2.10 £17.60

Turnaround time

Currently local land charge searches are being completed and returned within seven working days.

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