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Important news update

If you require a more detailed highway boundary search above the standard CON29 Box C enquiry using the online form relating to highways boundary enquiries.

For further information please email our team at LandCharges@southend.gov.uk.

You can access planning history going back to 1984. If you need any planning information from 1977 to 1983 you need to email PlanningHistory@southend.gov.uk.

If you need any help from us, please either email your enquiry to LandCharges@southend.gov.uk or phone 01702 215124 and should we be unable to take your call please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Please note we mainly work remotely so there may be some background noises during your calls.

What are land searches for?

A local land search is the established way to obtain a range of property information held by the Local Authority, such as:

  • planning decisions
  • highway adoption and road schemes
  • conservation and tree preservation orders
  • official notices
  • building regulation matters

Prospective buyers need to know this kind of information before a purchase as it may restrict their plans for the property or affect its price or saleability when they come to sell, maybe many years later. This includes any legal restrictions or development proposals affecting a particular property.

Local land charges search fees and payment

You can request an official search for one or more official search products available, or for information about specific questions within a search product. The products and fees are listed in the table below.

Local land charges search current fee summary

Search type required, fee, VAT and total fee.
Type of Search Cost VAT Total Fee Required
Full Official search - LLC1 and CON29 £132.00 £19.40 £151.40
LLC1 (local land charges register) £35.00 None £35.00
LLC1 additional parcel of land £5.00 None £5.00
CON29R (standard enquiries) £97.00 £19.40 £116.40
CON29 additional parcel of land £13.50 £2.70 £16.20
CON29 '0' questions £20.00 each £4.00 £24.00
LLC1 and CON29 additional parcel of land £18.50 £2.70 £21.20

Cancellation of searches

Unfortunately, we are not able to cancel searches once entered into our system.

How to request a search

You can now request a local land charges search using an online form.

To request a search, you need to send details of the property/land being searched and a site location plan at a scale of 1:1250. It will help when searching for information on a flat within a larger property to say which floor it is on, and give the postal address and not just a development plot number.

Request a land charges search now


Please note that if you submit a search request online, you will need to make payment with a credit card or debit card in order to submit the request.

If you are requesting a search by post, please also include a cheque for the appropriate fee. Cheques must be made payable to Southend-on-Sea City Council.

Please note that refunds cannot be given once the search has been received and accepted by the Council.

Free personal search

Basic search service for individuals

A personal search allows you to obtain environmental information and other information about a property.

You can make a personal search request online. Please note the response will be unchecked and unrefined data and may include relevant and irrelevant information which must be reviewed and refined by the individual.

Please note only 3 searches per company will be accepted per working day.

Request a land charges search now

If you want to review planning records post 1984 please check Public Access.

If you want to obtain Building Control records please check Building Control.

Should you require more information, contact details for the different departments can be found on our information requests page.

Benefits of asking us to carry out your search

We are:

  • the official source of the information included in your search and we have the best understanding of what it will mean
  • the only organisation authorised to sign the official form required for a search (form LLC1)
  • fully insured, so you do not need to rely on third party insurance

Your search will:

  • be accepted by all mortgage lenders
  • return a result usually between 2 and 3 working days

Who owns the land?

We do not hold information relating to:

  • property boundaries
  • title plans

Please contact HM Land Registry for information about the following:

  • ownership
  • private covenants
  • restrictions on land

Telephone: 0300 006 0411

Other information

Please note that our local land charges searches only reveal planning history data from 1984 onwards. If you would like planning history between 1977 and 1984, please contact planning history.

Turnaround time

Currently local land charge searches are being completed and returned within one to two working days.

Contact details

Local Land Charges - 01702 215124

Planning - 01702 215004

To obtain planning records post 1999 please check Public Access.

To obtain Building Control records please check Building Control.

Contact Planning and Building

Telephone: 01702 215004

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