Information to support your planning enforcement claim

We are asked to investigate a very large number of cases each year. Many planning enforcement matters take a considerable amount of time to bring to a conclusion because of the need to establish whether or not a breach of planning control has taken place and legal action should be taken. Because we receive such a high number of cases we will prioritise them and deal with them in order of priority. If you ask us to investigate works or activities, please therefore:

  • provide your name, address and daytime telephone number
  • provide as much information as possible. Identify the exact location and tell us what has happened and when it took place. Identify who you believe is responsible and take down the names of any builders involved (from various signs etc). If possible, provide dated photographs of work in progress
  • be prepared to act as a witness
  • be prepared to assist by keeping a log of activity if necessary

If you are the subject of a complaint or allegation:

  • please help us with the information we need to complete our investigation
  • please cooperate with the Enforcement officer involved to enable them to advise you
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