Changing Places

Changing Places facilities differ from disabled toilets.

They have additional features and more space to meet user’s needs. They are installed with bespoke equipment such as height adjustable changing benches and hoist systems and are designed with plenty of space for manoeuvrability. These facilities are locked to ensure that they are safe and clean. If you are a carer and would like to apply for a key to use these facilities then please complete our online form. Please note that if you are a visitor to Southend-on-Sea, please factor in the application process prior to your visit so that a key can be posted to you in good time.

There are 4 Changing Places facilities in Southend-on-Sea:

  • Chalkwell Shelter (Crowstone) - Chalkwell Esplanade, at Chalkwell Avenue junction
  • The Forum - Elmer Square
  • Marine Parade - Near the Kursaal
  • Shoeburyness Leisure Centre - Delaware Road

Further information can be found on the Changing Places website.

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