Structure Plan

Most of the planning policies contained in the Adopted Structure Plan expired on the 27 September 2007 and are therefore no longer in effect. This is a consequence of the provisions of the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

However, the Secretary of State has decided that a limited number of Adopted Structure Plan policies should be 'saved' and should continue to apply after this date. She has issued a statutory Direction to this effect, since amended to reflect her approval of the East of England Plan on the 12 May 2008. These six 'saved' policies are:

  • NR3 - Extension of Suffolk Coasts/Heaths AONB (in Tendring district)
  • CC1 - Undeveloped Coast: Coastal Protection Belt
  • BIW9 - Airport Development
  • LRT6 - Coastal Water Recreation
  • EG1 - Proposals for New Power Stations
  • MIN4 - Sterilisation & Safeguarding of Minerals Sites

These saved policies above will continue to be a material consideration for the purposes of local planning and development control decisions. These policies have a transitional status and remain force until they are replaced by Development Plan Documents adopted by district planning authorities. Please visit Essex County Council's website for full copies of the policies above.

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