Care Act

Care and support has changed for the better

From April 2015, care and support in England has changed for the better. The Care Act helps to make the care and support system more consistent across the country. Conversations and assessments should be focused on wellbeing and prevention and it puts an onus on strengths and resources which adults have in their lives already or can be connected with.

‘Care and support’ is the term used to describe help for adults of all ages with things like washing, dressing, eating, getting out and about and keeping in touch with friends or family.

To find out how you might benefit from the changes please contact us on 01702 215008 or visit our local information website Livewell.

Care and Support

Many of us will need care and support at some point in our lives, and most people will pay at least something towards the cost of their care. The Care Act is designed to help you plan for the future and put you more in control of the help you receive.

For the first time, there is a national level of care and support needs and this may result in you being eligible for care and support, and will make it easier for you to make plans now and in the future.

Your wellbeing

The conversations with services will not only look at needs and deficits which require a formal care package but at wider issues important to you and your wellbeing which might be not in the scope of the local authority.

Staff will aim to explore what is important to you and how they can help you utilise your existing strengths and resources in the first instance, how they can increase your resilience and satisfaction in life by connecting you with local groups and community.

If you receive care and support, you will be more in control of decisions that affect you, and of putting together a care plan tailored to your needs. Your plan will work out how you can do the things that are important to you and your family, with the right level of care and support. You will also know how much it will cost to meet your needs and how much the council will contribute towards the cost. You will have more control over how that money is spent.

Need and Eligibility

Everyone’s needs are different. They may be physical or emotional. You may find that the support you need could be met by something going on in your local community, for example services organised by local charities or other support networks. Whatever your level of need, your council or a local Community Hub will be able to put you in touch with the right organisation to support your wellbeing and help you remain independent for longer.

Deferred payments

A deferred payment agreement is an arrangement with the council that will enable some people to use the value of their homes to fund residential care home costs. If you are eligible, your council will pay your residential care home bills on your behalf. You can delay repaying the council until you choose to sell your home, or until after your death.

A deferred payment agreement is only one way to pay for care. To find out more about the options available, you can speak to a financial adviser or seek advice from an independent organisation such as the Money Advice Service.

Support for carers

The local Carers Hub was specifically set up in line with the Care Act’s focus on wellbeing and prevention. It’s friendly staff can provide carers with a wide range of free support to help them keep themselves and their loved ones well we for longer.

If the Carers Hub offer is not sufficient you or the person you care for may be eligible for different forms of support such as regular respite. Care provided to the adult will involve a financial assessment.

Information and Advice

The Council can help you to make informed decisions about your care and support and assist you to access local services and organisations that could improve your wellbeing and increase your independence. You can visit Livewell, visit one of the Community Hubs for face to face advice or call us on 01702 215008 to access a range of information and advice as well as finding out how the Care Act may benefit you personally. If you would like to see the information in another language it can be translated.

How might you benefit?

To find out more about the changes to care and support in England and how you might benefit, visit the Care Act-Background page. You can use the links on the left to read more about the changes and organisations that may benefit you or those you care for.

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