Traffic Regulation Orders and consultations

Traffic Regulation Orders

What is a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)?

TROs are legal documents that regulate, restrict or prohibit the use of the public highway network, in line with The Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

They help us to manage the highway network for all road users, including pedestrians and they aim to improve road safety and access to facilities.

TROs fall into the following categories – permanent (TRO), temporary (TTRO), experimental (ETRO) or anti-terrorism (ATTRO).

The consideration and implementation of each type of TRO follows its own process, which is set out in national legislation. Although timescales vary depending on the type of TRO all are advertised in the local press, emergency services consulted and notices placed "on street".

A TRO can only be proposed for the reasons set out in the legislation and a scheme can only be proposed if the regulations allow it to be signed and lined accordingly.

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