Road safety tips

Top 10 road safety tips

Don't use your mobile phone whilst driving

Making or receiving a call, even using a 'hands free' phone, can distract your attention from driving and could lead to an accident.

Belt up in the back

In a collision, an unbelted rear passenger can kill or seriously injure the driver or a front seat passenger.

Don't drink and drive

Any alcohol, even a small amount, can impair your driving so be a safe driver don't drink and drive.

Slow down

At 35mph you are twice as likely to kill a pedestrian as at 30mph.


Children often act impulsively, take extra care outside schools, near buses and ice cream vans when they might be around.

Take a break

Tiredness is thought to be a major factor in more than 10% of road accidents. Plan to stop for at least a 15 minute break every 2 hours on a long journey.

Walk safely

When crossing a road always use a pedestrian crossing if there is one nearby. Help others to see you by wearing fluorescent or reflective clothing in poor light conditions.


Observe and anticipate other road users and use your mirrors regularly.

Use car seats

Child and baby seats should be fitted properly and checked every trip.

Keep your distance

Always keep a two second gap between you and the car in front.

Contact parking, travel and roads

Telephone: 01702 215003

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