Driveway Markings (H Bar)

White line road markings for driveways (H-Bar) are lines that are marked on the road to show drivers that they should not block access to off-road parking areas. The line goes across the driveway and approximately one metre either side.

The marking is provided to highlight the presence of a driveway, the marking is not provided to reserve a parking space on the highway and if vehicles are seen to be regularly parked on the marking, it will be removed and no refund provided. 

  • you can apply for an H-Bar marking or an extension to an existing H-Bar if you have a driveway or dropped kerb outside your home or business
  • the H-Bar has no legal force, although drivers parking on the marking can be charged with obstruction by the Council if overhanging any part of the lowered kerb/driveway itself

The cost for the H-Bar is £225.00 including VAT.

To get an H-Bar, the site must:

  • be for 12 or more parking spaces; or
  • be used regularly by a Blue Badge Holder. (Please enclose a copy of your Blue Badge with your application form); and
  • not have any yellow lines or zig-zag lines on the road

How to apply

To apply for an H-Bar please use our online form. If you are a Blue Badge Holder, please remember to upload a copy of your Blue Badge with your application.

After you have applied

Once we have received your application we will inspect the site and inform you of our decision.

If we decide that we cannot complete the H-Bar Marking, you will receive a refund and the reason for the refusal.

Maintenance of H-Bars

We do not maintain H-Bars. If your H-Bar has faded, the cost of the remarking is £150.00.

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