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Food Safety

Shellfish Harvesting

It is not illegal to gather shellfish for your own consumption but there are restrictions on how much you may collect. The attached leaflet gives further advice.

If you are concerned that persons harvesting shellfish on the seafront are doing so for commercial purposes and in significant quantities either as whole shellfish or shucked( removed from their shell)  then please contact the council by submitting the online form and if the matter is on-going please also ring the council who will endeavour to send an officer to assess the situation.

If you are a shellfish commercial harvester then you must have a suitably issued and complete registration document when you land the product at Southend. Officers will require them to be produced for inspection at the point of landing. To obtain registration documents you need to apply to the City of London Port Health Authority. These document are required for both live bi-valve molluscs and gastropods ( eg winkles)

Commercial collection of cockles is subject to a license, catch quotas and must be undertaken during the open season set by the IFCA (Inlands Fisheries and Conservation Authority).

Page last updated: 15/08/2018