Ongoing Support

Post Adoption Support

We have an Adoption Support Services Adviser for Southend, they are there to help you access adoption support and other specialist services.

At Southend Adoption Service we recognise the adoption journey both for the child and their parents is a life long process that it will often have many ups, downs and challenges along the way. It is recognised that the journey for adoptive parents could be even harder, given their emotional commitment to the process and the time it takes to become parents.

We provide specialist support on specific adoption issues that you might face whilst your child is growing up.

The adoption passport explains what you, as an adopter and your children are entitled to.

Southend Adoption service aim to support you throughout your adoption journey and beyond, here are some of the ways that we do this;

  • we visit you regularly after your adoption
  • we always have a duty worker available to speak to you
  • we run a post adoption support group where you can meet other adopters and we can look at any issues you may have and offer support and training opportunities
  • we run a pre school group called sparkles
  • we have a calendar of social events for our adopters and their families
  • we have an Adopter mentor scheme.
The adoption becomes legal
  • you cannot apply for an Adoption Order until the child has lived with you for 10 weeks
  • the court will not grant one until after they have been with you for at least 19 weeks
  • an adoption becomes legal only after the making of an Adoption Order in a court
  • this finally means that you are the legal parent of the child and nothing can revoke that

If you wish to find out more see our Post Adoption Plan 2019.

We are part of Adopt East which consists of 5 authorities, our adoptive families are able to access training across the region.

Adoption Support Fund

The Adoption Support Fund (ASF) will be available nationally from May 2015. This is being established because many families need some kind of support following adoption. The Fund will enable families to access the services they need more easily in future.

Please go to the first4adoptionwebsite for full details of the ASF and how to access.

Southend Adoption Services

Telephone: 01702 212004

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