Mooring application and tide tables

Tide timetables

Please see the Port of London Authority website for tide times.

Boat moorings

Mooring applications

  • you can apply for a mooring by filling in the online application form
  • it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to set up an appointment and allocate a position. Once allocated and dug there is a 10 day settling period before a boat can be put on the new mooring (this period is only reduced if you have found a good existing root)
  • we aim to provide you with the position you request along the Foreshore but, if that is not possible, we try to get as close as possible

Mooring charges

  • Two Tree Island* - £327.00
  • PLA Two Tree Island - £490.00
  • Hadleigh Ray - £361.00
  • Leigh Creek - £489.00
  • Other Mooring Locations - £160.00
  • Dinghy Racks (Two Tree Island mooring holders only) - £60.00
  • Two Tree Island lockers - £78.00

*Please note there is currently a waiting list for this location.

Payment for a new mooring along with the completed application should be sent to the address shown on the form.

Transfer of moorings

If you want to transfer from your current mooring to another vacant mooring along the foreshore (as long as you are not moving in to a more expensive area) please complete the 'transfer of site' section.


Renewals invoices are sent, after the first year, in April.

Cancellations or change of details

Please inform us of any cancellations, change of details (craft or holder).

Further information is in the terms and conditions of the application form.

Contact Southend Pier information desk

Telephone: 01702 215620

Online forms - mooring application

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