Better Queensway Project

The aim of the Better Queensway scheme is to transform this area of central Southend into a vibrant new community with high quality housing and outdoor space, providing an attractive place for people of all ages to live, socialise and play.

Following the withdrawal of Sanctuary/Swan Housing Association, we remain committed to the project.

We are now the sole owners of Porters Place LLP, the company set up to deliver the regeneration.

We are considering several options to continue with the project.

These options include:

  • taking on the developer role and awarding construction contracts for the work needed
  • getting an alternative partner to continue with the current scheme. The existing LLP could be used for this
  • Reviewing the current scheme and coming up with an alternative for consideration. This would continue to place residents at the heart of the regeneration.

Although we are carefully assessing what our next steps will be, we remain committed to finding a solution so we can take a project forward and transform this area for the benefit of the local community and city.

Our priority is to get clarity on the best way forward for everyone as soon as possible, in line with Full Council's ongoing unanimous support of the project.

The intention is to report back to a future meeting of Cabinet on these findings and to recommend a way forward.

History of the project

A detailed public consultation took place in December 2017 and in March 2018 the council started a lengthy process to attract and select a partner to work with to deliver the project. That process ended in January 2019 with Swan Housing Association being announced as the council's ‘preferred bidder.’

The 12 February cabinet report can be read on our democracy pages.

In April 2019, the council signed contracts with Swan Housing Association, and Porters Place Southend LLP was created to deliver the regeneration project.

In September 2020, Porters Place Southend-on-Sea LLP submitted a planning application. You can view the planning application on our planning portal.

You can also email Better Queensway for more information.

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