Using my Blue Badge

There are parking concessions available for Blue Badge holders when the registered disabled person is either driving or a passenger within the vehicle.

When you receive your Blue Badge, you will also receive a Rights and Responsibilities booklet detailing how, where and when the badge should be used. Please read this booklet carefully as there are some serious penalties for misusing your Blue Badge.

Please note that:

  • you must display your badge and clock (where required) on the dashboard, where it can be clearly read through the front windscreen
  • it is an offence to allow anyone else to use your blue badge to benefit from the concessions (unless you are a passenger within the vehicle)

The Council have the right to cancel any Blue Badge that has been lost or stolen, and can immediately confiscate the badge if suspected to be misused.

Where can I park with my Blue Badge?

Any vehicle clearly displaying a blue badge can park in the following places:

  • disabled bays on roadside or in car parks (for up to the period indicated on the adjacent sign)
  • any roadside pay-by-phone or pay-and-display bays (free of charge)
  • any council-owned car park where pay-by-phone or pay-and-display is in use (free of charge)
  • up to three hours on single or double yellow lines, where there is no loading/unloading restriction. (Blue badge and clocks must be displayed)

Where not to park

  • anywhere it would be obstructive, cause a danger to others or hold up traffic
  • places where there are loading and unloading restrictions
  • parking places reserved for specific users, such as, but not exclusively, loading bays, electric vehicle bays, bus stops, etc.
  • resident permit bays
  • on suspended parking bays
  • on any pedestrian crossings
  • on any clearways, double or single red lines or urban clearways during their hours of operation
  • on bus lanes or cycle lanes
  • where there are double white lines in the centre of the road

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