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Disabled Parking Bays

Types of disabled parking bays

General use disabled bays

These are parking bays with DISABLED marked in letters on the floor and are accompanied by the disabled bay sign plates which are available both on-street and in some of our Council car parks. These are enforceable, and users must clearly display a valid Blue Badge along with clock, whilst parked there.

The onus is on Blue Badge holders to ensure that they observe parking restrictions wherever they park and comply as required. The Council encourage all Blue Badge holders to observe signs and ensure the Blue Badge is always displayed correctly along with the clock where required.

Dedicated disabled bays

Blue Badge holders may be eligible to apply for a dedicated disabled bay near their home for own use, provided the set eligibility criteria below are met.

Criteria for dedicated parking bays

  • applicant must be registered disabled;
  • applicant must be in receipt of the higher rate component of the Disability Living Allowance or the higher level of Personal Independence Payment (PIP); or
  • applicant must be in receipt of the higher rate of Attendance Allowance;
  • applicant must be a Blue Badge holder

Approval cannot be granted in the following circumstances

  • where the applicant residence has an existing off-street parking, or the ability to create one
  • where there is an existing waiting restriction at the location whereby it cannot be removed for traffic or safety reasons

Key information

  • a dedicated disabled bay cannot be located within 10 metres of a junction
  • although the bay is provided for the applicant, any vehicle displaying a blue badge can park in the bay
  • a dedicated disabled bay cannot be reserved exclusively for the applicants use
  • the bay is an advisory marked bay only. As such, no enforcement action can be carried if it is used by a non-blue badge holder

Application for dedicated disabled bay

Applications are currently suspended. We apologies for any inconvenience.

More information will be available soon.

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