Street naming and numbering

Registering the number of a property

To register the number of a property, you should contact us with details of:

  • the current address of the property
  • the proposed new number/name
  • when the register is to take effect

We will then consult with Royal Mail, who will check that the proposed number/name is not the same/too similar to other properties in the same area. If the number/name is not acceptable, you will be asked for another suggestion.

Once Royal Mail has confirmed that the registering of the number/name is acceptable, we will send an acknowledgement letter to the resident, and notify the various departments within the Council. A numbering certificate will be sent to the owners of the premises.

Important note

When a property has been officially numbered, a name can be added to the address; however, the number must be retained. Every property should have a number.

Contact Street Naming and Numbering

Telephone: 01702 215000

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