Clifftown Conservation Area

Planning Consents and Clifftown Article 4 Direction

Planning consents

All development in Clifftown should follow the advice in the Conservation Area appraisal and, in particular respect features outlined which contribute to its special character.

Clifftown Article 4 Direction

Some minor forms of development are classed as "permitted development" and are normally exempt. But in Clifftown, this has resulted in unsuitable changes which have harmed its character. The Clifftown Article 4 Direction has, therefore, been made with the support of residents, withdrawing this exemption. Planning permission from the Council is now needed for the following types of development at properties in the following list:

  • Alexandra Road, Southend (59-67 odd)
  • Alexandra Street, Southend (The Alex PH)
  • Cambridge Road, Southend (1-57 odd, 8-10 even)
  • Cashiobury Terrace, Southend (all properties)
  • Capel Terrace, Southend (all properties)
  • Clifftown Parade, Southend (1-38 consec.)
  • Clifftown Terrace, Southend (all properties)
  • Devereux Road, Southend (all properties)
  • Clifton Place, Southend (all properties)
  • Prittlewell Square, Southend (all properties)
  • Royal Terrace, Southend (all properties)
  • Royal Mews, Southend (all properties, The Cottage)
  • Runwell Terrace, Southend (1-8 consec.)
  • Nelson Street, Southend (1-15 odd, Clifftown Church)
  • Scratton Road, Southend (1-32 consec.


  1. The alteration of any window which fronts a highway.
  2. The rendering of any brickwork which fronts a highway (other forms of cladding already need planning permission).
  3. The enclosing of recessed porches which front a highway.
  4. Re-roofing with different materials.
  5. The installation of hardstanding for vehicles.

(Similar alterations to other types of property already need planning permission from the Council.)

The updated Conservation Appraisal for Clifftown (March 2002) recommends amendments to the Article 4 Direction for Clifftown. This is currently being reviewed and at this time, the details set out above reflect the extent of the current Article 4 Direction in Clifftown Conservation Area.

All buildings

  1. Painting over facing brickwork of any part of a building which fronts a highway.
  2. Altering and constructing a means of enclosure which fronts a highway (walls, gates, fences, etc.).

No fee is needed for a planning application required by the Direction. Planning Application forms can be downloaded from this website.

All development in the Clifftown Conservation Area should respect the features outlined above that contribute to its special character. It is always advisable to check with the Council if planning permission is needed before undertaking any works to the exterior of a property or any works to a listed building in the conservation area. To view a map of the current Article 4 boundary please see page 97 of the Conservation Area appraisal.

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