Clifftown Conservation Area

Clifftown Conservation Area Property Directory and Designations

Clifftown Conservation Area includes the following properties;

  • Alexandra Road, Southend (59-137 odd, 72-150 even)
  • Alexandra Street, Southend (The Alex PH)
  • Cambridge Road, Southend (1-93 odd, 8-106 even)
  • Cashiobury Terrace, Southend (all properties)
  • Capel Terrace, Southend (all properties)
  • Church Road, St John's Church and Graveyard
  • Clifftown Parade, Southend (1-38 consec.), shelters, war memorial and Queen Victoria Statue
  • Clifftown Terrace, Southend (all properties)
  • Clifton Place, Southend (all properties)
  • Devereux Road, Southend (all properties)
  • High Street, Southend (3-5 odd)
  • Marine Parade, (1-4 consec.)
  • Pier Hill, The Palace Hotel including associated commercial units and 12 Pier Hill
  • Prittlewell Square, Southend (all properties)
  • Royal Terrace, Southend (all properties)
  • Royal Mews, Southend (all properties, The Cottage)
  • Runwell Terrace, Southend (all properties)
  • Nelson Street, Southend (all properties, The Railway Hotel, Clifftown Church)
  • Scratton Road, Southend (all properties)
  • Wilson Road, Southend (2-14 even, 5-27 odd)
  • Alexandra Yacht Club and The Shrubbery

A number of these buildings are Listed Buildings:

  • 1-12, Seafront Shelters and War Memorial, Clifftown Parade
  • 1-6 and Broadwater House, Clifton Terrace
  • Royal Hotel, High Street
  • 1-4 Marine Parade
  • 1-15 Royal Terrace
  • 1-15 (odd) and Cliftown Church, Nelson Street

And some are also Locally Listed Buildings:

  • Former synagogue, Alexandra Street
  • St John’s Church, Church Road
  • 3-5 High Street
  • Park Inn Palace (former Palace Hotel) Pier Hill
  • 19-20 Royal Terrace
  • 2-16 (even) Nelson Street
  • Alexandra Yacht Club
  • Cliff Lift

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