LGA Corporate Peer Challenge

The Local Government Association (LGA) undertook a corporate peer challenge at the City Council from 11 to 14 October 2022.

A corporate peer challenge is part of the support that the LGA offers to councils. It provides independent and external support and challenge, conducted by a team of councillors and senior officers from other councils. The 'peer' teams spent significant time within the council to identify and address issues and challenge progress across key themes.

It was delivered at no cost to the council. It was also an opportunity to review and assess the plans and framework we have in place to best respond to challenges, both in the short-term and the long term.

LGA findings and council action plan

Following the peer challenge, the LGA provided us with a report based on their findings. You can read this on the LGA website or a PDF version on our democracy website.

We have also published a draft action plan. This can be read on our democracy website.

In December 2023, the LGA came back for a follow-up visit. They produced a progress report which can be read on our website pages.

Position statement

Ahead of the peer challenge, a position statement was produced. This provides a summary of our achievements and challenges, with a focus since April 2021, including our plans for the future.

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