Leigh-on-Sea Town Council - Council Tax 2024-25

Leigh-on-Sea Town Council Precept 2024-25

Leigh on Sea Town Council has reviewed expenditure and is mindful of the current “Cost of Living” crisis and the potential impact on residents. For this reason, last year’s budget has been restated with only a small addition to cover staff increments. The Council has good reserves and is confident there is sufficient funding to continue to provide good services for its’ residents. Councillors and staff continue to work diligently to serve residents and provide events and facilities to a high standard.

The precept for 2024/25 is £466,655.63 which equates to Band D council tax figure of £51.75, a small increase of 2.31% on the 2023/24 Band D figure of £50.58.

Leigh on Sea Town Council continues to provide services which include the following:

  • Help, support and provide information for our residents on a huge range of issues
  • Maintain our role as statutory consultee on planning, highways and licensing issues
  • Working with and supporting volunteers and community partners/groups
  • Helping to protect the environment and heritage of Leigh
  • Undertaking Community Infrastructure Levy projects for the benefit of Leigh and our residents
  • Provision of a Special Constables programme for the Leigh Town Council area
  • Providing and managing community facilities in particular the Community Centre, Skate Park, Strand Wharf, Bell Wharf Beach paddling pool, 17 acres of Allotment sites and the café within the community centre
  • Community engagement with our residents using various methods - face to face, social media, websites and a new community engagement app
  • A community news magazine twice a year and a newsletter in the local press
  • Events and activities throughout the year
  • Fortnightly Over 60’s Social Lunch Club to combat isolation in our community
  • Christmas Lights and Library Gardens Christmas tree and displays
  • Supporting the Arts in Leigh
  • Representing our residents to other authorities
  • Support to Youth Clubs
  • A Council run Community Centre Children's Holiday Programme
  • A Community Trips Scheme supporting elderly residents and providing social contact
  • A local employer of staff to facilitate and manage all Council services, the Community Centre and café
  • Continue with repairs and improvements at the Community Centre
  • Grant Award Fund to support the work of other community groups and people in the Leigh Town Council area
  • Support sun cream dispenser project at Bell Wharf Beach
  • Summer hanging flower baskets in various locations
  • Maintain the tidal paddling pool at Bell Wharf Beach

Leigh-on-Sea Town Council expenditure plans 2024-25


Use first column to find the expenditure. Move along to find the amount in pounds.
Expenditure Amount (£)
Community and Culture 217,330
Staffing 146,770
Finance and Governance 113,800
Refurbishment 30,000
Planning, Highways and Licencing 15,750
Increase to General Reserves 506


Use first column to find the income. Move along to find the amount in pounds.
Income Amount (£)
Interest on investments 25,740
Allotments 18,870
Other 4,710
Health and Wellbeing 4,440
Council grants 2,540
Community Facilities 1,090
Leigh Community Centre Friends 110

Total precept 2024-25

  • £466,656

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